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About Fin2Flex

Fin2Flex ecosystem

Fin2flex is an ecosystem based on innovative algorithms that help any participant of the platform to get the maximum benefit from their assets. Fin2Flex provides unique tools to increase private investors' capital. The system is designed in such a way that everyone can find the perfect strategy based on his capabilities and needs.

All assets in the ecosystem are distributed taking into account the current state of the market using mutual calculations made by a computer and a person.

The main goal of Fin2Flex

To create an open financial system available worldwide. Fin2Flex ecosystem includes many products and their number is constantly growing.

Now Fin2Flex is a large community that includes the following:


this is a Venture Fund, one of the profit generation tools for Fin2Flex. The Venture Fund provides financing to the promising companies being at an early stage of their development. Fin2Flex Venture is most attracted to the teams with innovative ideas and approaches that contribute to positive changes on a global scale.

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Freelance market
Startup market
Selected startups
Owners of staking pools/products on FIN2FLEX platform
Income of F2F Foundation company
Stabilization Fund
FIN2FLEX Managing Board
The platform users' income
Users' funds received from the depositing to the staking pools are divided
98% of funds collected in pools are invested
The startup transfers control stock to one legal entity
Income from investment - into the startups
80% of the income from the pool activities is distributed back, thereby distributing it among the existing owners of products proportionally
Distribution based on the ownership share of products on the FIN2FLEX platform, thus a daily percentage is formed that a user can withdraw to the BTC
10% of the income from the pool activities is distributed to the company's income
10% of the pool's revenue is distributed to the marketing platform to support the company's growth
Creating and managing pools with different strategies (products/staking pools)
2% commission fee for using the platform
The venture partnership pays all costs associated with the acceleration and launch of startups.
10% is directed to the stabilization fund to maintain the liquidity

Key principles

Fin2Flex Ventures team does everything possible to develop a better financial system. Rapid growth has become possible due to the key principles that we observe in our work


To trust assets to professionals only. The investment process and management of Fin2Flex Ventures portfolio companies is supervised by the team of investment experts.


Knowledge of the industry. Fin2Flex Ventures leaders have many years of experience in specific industries; they are also associated with leading companies, institutions and individuals around the world.


Competent distribution of funds across different startups. Diversification of funds across different startups allows us to achieve maximum profitability of the entire system. At the moment, we give preference to companies in the fields of blockchain, artificial intelligence, data research and e-commerce.

Industries of startups the funds are distributed to

Artificial intelligence 25%
Blockchain 35%
Data research 20%
Bioengineering 20%
  • Bioengineering 20%
  • Blockchain 35%
  • Artificial intelligence 25%
  • Data research 20%

Trading on the cryptocurrency market: trends

Changing the investment landscape

Digital currencies have revolutionized the investment field; and it cannot be denied and ignored when choosing an investment strategy. Demographic shifts, the update of the market paradigm and changing market rules form just a small part of the changes that have occurred in the global community while the cryptocurrency developing

Cryptocurrency is able to change the lives of billions of people right now. Despite the fact that the cryptocurrency market is in its infancy, digital currencies are radically changing legacy financial systems around the world.

Everything that is going on in the world right now is just the tip of the iceberg of the opportunities that cryptocurrency can provide. We can only make forecasts about how our world will change due to digital currencies, similar to the fact that the Internet once changed the development vector of the whole mankind.

The basis of success

asset diversification

Fin2flex strives to generate the maximum possible profit for its investors through an actively managed portfolio of crypto assets. The distribution of funds across different types of digital currencies allows investors to diversify their investments. Asset diversification reduces risks and makes it possible to receive higher returns.